Look who’s been forced to come crawling back on his hands and knees to the debased, editor-free Web: Rick fucking Poynor. (Emphasis added.)

Rick Poynor was a founding editor of Design Observer in 2003, so it is a special pleasure to welcome him back as a contributing writer. We are delighted to have… Rick join our stable of regular writers here at Design Observer, and we very much look forward to reading their essays.

This is the same man who whined insufferably – in print, in Print, and online – that the Web would never be up to snuff as a medium for design criticism because any idiot could write whatever they wanted and, worst of all, could do so without an editor (q.v., q.q.v.). In fact, Poynor quit Design Observer in a haze of hypocrisy over that selfsame issue.

Guess who’s back.

Now: Who’s his editor? Surely he must have one.

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None. I quit.

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