Lauren Collins, “Brown Baggers,” Nouveau-Yorkais, 2008.12.22–29:

Ron Raznick, the president of RTR Packaging, in the Flatiron district, which has for twenty years made shopping bags for such clients as Takashimaya, Ron Herman, and W Hotels, has noticed the vogue for discreet packaging. He is calling it “inconspicuous chic.” He has not experienced a decline in business owing to the recession, he said, the other day over the phone, but people are choosing “more classical stuff”: Embossing, UV coding, thick stock.

No, that’s UV coating, as in coating that increases resistance to light. It isn’t a code printed in ultraviolet. (“Coating” and “coding” rhyme in most dialects of American English. The troublesome consonant is a flap [ɾ], not “a D.”)

So there you have it: an error in the New Yorker. (Lauren Collins wrote in later to say I wasn’t the first one to point it out. I see!) Where was Michael J. Fox’s chief verificationist that day?

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