Cover Manzine, “A PUBLICATION ABOUT THE MALE PHENOMENON,” is now on its second issue. It is coedited by former coeditors of legitimate men’s magazines, but has resisted being contaminated by their themes.

  • “I find the cheaper crumpets taste much better than the more expensive alternatives” – letter from Simon

  • It is for every Man to decide where he stands on the issue of GRAVY BOATS

    (I am pro-)

  • “I like Santa Monica because it’s got a big British population too. We go and watch the football and rugby” – but apparently not the rugby – “and get a Sunday lunch at the Britannia Pub. Walking in there is just like walking into a pub in Pontypridd” – “Lost Prophets guitarist Mike Lewis”

  • “And jump in you must. Dipping your toe into water below 15° C is asking for trouble. Some people – and I watch them in amazement – climb slowly down the ladder off the jetty, immersing themselves inch by inch” – David Baker, “I’ve Got Chills. They’re Multiplyin’ ”

  • “Few things will make you feel more like a man than answering the door covered in flour after knocking out six large loaves” – Damion Lorentzen-White (no relation), “Bread Is My Shed” (but see below)

  • “To my dismay, nobody was in this amazing little treasure trove – no shop attendant, no customers, just me and my lady. Not what you’d expect in a shop full of such valuable attire. Ten minutes later a burly, suave-looking fellow dressed in an understated British country style walked in with a big smile and said, ‘Having fun? Oh, I really like your coat. Make sure you try everything on and don’t worry about hanging it back up. I’ll be outside if you need me’ ” – “Dapper chap Leo Walton appreciates the cut at Hornets in Kensington

  • About the creative potential of the GARAGE, the intriguing psychological SPACE often enjoyed by men. Against SHEDDISM in all its forms

  • Q. Is it uncool to wear those Orlebar Brown/Monocle limited-edition shorts?

    A.NOT REALLY. But it would help if you live in Zurich.

  • How to play Phil Collins numbers, “Beautiful,” “Layla,” “Invisible Touch,” “The Way It Is,” “Mamma Mia,” “I Could Be So Good for You” (what?), “Take On Me,” and “Alone” on a £199 synthesizer with motion-sensitive keys

  • At Sharps Barbers, “[i]t all happens while you’re seated in a Belmont barber’s chair, which is a vintage but modern classic…. The Belmont goes for about £5,000 to £6,000 new, or less if reupholstered”

  • The International Space Station

    Monstrous money-wasting carbuncle, or a vital scientific flagpole out there in the Final Frontier?

    “So let’s stop this idiotic pursuit of needing to touch God’s face with our own hands and let the robots do the hard work, taking pictures along the way”

  • “My particular favourite is John Baskerville, the designer, artist and inventor…. It’s a shame that Birmingham doesn’t celebrate his life and work more emphatically. I am currently leading a campaign (now consisting of as many as four people) to persuade the city to use his fonts for all its publications, designs, and utterances”

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