I still recall my days of sportswriting for the peripheral press. Now the peripheral press is the sports press – but with rather different tones and styles.

White-masculinist approach

Colossal ginger slugger rather liked being big and strong – and you liked that, too!

“Do you have any idea what it’s like knowing instantly that a ball you hit is going to fly – no, soar – over a fence in a major-league stadium? Well, I do. And it’s fucking fantastic.

“I’m sorry everyone had a problem with it,” [Mark] McGwire added. “But I was having a blast.”

Though… there were times he almost regretted taking anabolic steroids, the former Oakland Athletics star said that, considering the tons of fun the performance-enhancing substances allowed him to have, he never thought twice about his decision.

“I was hitting baseballs over 450 feet,” McGwire said. “That’s really far. And high, too. Oh my God, were they high. Towering, in fact. I was, like, crushing these things….

“I also liked hitting it over their heads,” McGwire added while flexing his right bicep and then making a swinging motion with his arms. “Crack! Home run….

“They clearly knew I was taking performance-enhancing drugs, right? I mean, look at me. I look like a fucking monster. Plus, come on – I was hitting the ball really, really fucking far.”

Antiracist, antimasculinist approach

White lesbian felt “dominated by white masculinity” and demands clones of herself on site for gay-male athletes, who have a hard enough time mustering masculinity as it is. White lesbian seems to think this is 1991 and the only game in town is Sports Illustrated. Untrue even then, but now we don’t bother trying to change the system from within; we just start our own sites. (Worked for Rod 2.0 [q.v.], didn’t it?) White lesbian already tried that, but now reverts to the time-honoured tradition of wielding the vernacular of women’s studies like a bludgeon. (Or is she just bitching?)

Still: If we have to downplay whiteness and masculinity, however will we discuss Caster Semenya or the fact that everyone at the Olympic 100-metre dash is black? How about those times when white lesbians approve of masculinity, viz when it erupts among other lesbians?

Why are nonwhite athletes important while disabled athletes are not? Nonwhites have no trouble getting attention (or, on the whole, funding) for playing sports.

Does a rugby team of effete nonwhite maladaptives with a record of 0–10 get a pass just because they uphold the white lesbian’s ideal of male homosexuality – being the kind of girls they could never be?


Today In Euphemizing Johnny Weir’s Gayness.”

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