Autobiographical details Gary Shteyngart (q.v.) wove quasi-steganographically into his zippy, juicy profile of M.I.A., GQ, July 2010:

Real life Roman à clef
“I was a kid at Oberlin College, somewhere in Ohio” Accidental College
“I was flying Olympic Airways from Athens to Zurich” Austrian Airways from Moscow to St. Petersburg
[M]y roommate Mike ‘The Zap’ Zapler” Alyosha Bob
“The Zap and I were both political-science majors with a lot to lose” Multicultural-studies major
“I fell under the influence of the Detroit ghetto-tech rapper DJ Assault” “ ‘We must reject European music categorically. Even so-called progressive house!’ ”

“And then, like many men and women stumbling headlong into middle age, I just stopped giving a shit about music.”

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