– Mark E. Smith

Look who’s back: Craig Morgan Teicher, the poet who thinks using E-books for poetry is an insurmountable problem. He still thinks that, and he’s still wrong.

I guess the chutzpah you need to get up there onstage and declaim your free verse at some sort of “slam” – are the kids still doing those, or did they die out when Nuyorican did? – transfers well to the online world. I say that because obviously Teicher has no compunctions about presenting himself as a fool and an ignoramus.

Based on the current post and the previous one, Teicher doesn’t understand markup, hasn’t bothered to learn, and continues to shriek like a milkmaid at the sight of a mouse when confronted with a wee bit of HTML.

E-book linebreaks and spacing are a solved problem for anyone who knows what they’re doing. What Teicher considers a “swamp” of code, which “[b]asically” has to be done by “hand,” the rest of us call “markup.” Maybe he thinks a manual transmission is too much work, too. To some people, I suppose.

This flighty technical ignoramus now has flighty-technical-ignoramus friends, according to his current post. They too need to learn that PDF is not necessary in order to typeset poetry.

Why would an august periodical like Publishers Weekly allow a writer to embarrass himself this way? More than once, no less? Another lesson I draw from this is that nobody at that august periodical has the slightest technical skill, either.

Kooky fun fact! I have personally declaimed poetry onstage while wearing a Mighty Mouse T-shirt.

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