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Brian Abrams has written a classic of the oral-history genre


Jeff Eaton wrote a CMS that forces the use of structured markup


A designer tells a client why his designs say what the client means. Young designers need Monteiro’s Design Is a Job to learn how to do that. Design Is a Job needed an editor


Dan Morel has it wrong: Kobo’s business is selling defective merchandise


BookCamp Toronto 2011 was a liberal-feminist-consensus clusterfuck of mediocrity. But I’m calling their bluff and offering free training


Craig Morgan Teicher remains a technical ignoramus. Hey, did you hear that poetry is hard to typeset in E-books?


Seth Godin, Happy Magic Fun Time, and Queer Cinema Classics doled out one at a time


Claire Berlinski demolishes not only the sanctimony of the entire exercise of best-book-of-the-year lists but the undead premise of the entire publishing industry


Virginia Heffernan gets set straight by Graydon Carter. Oh, and the Ontario government flew her up here to give us advice last summer

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