Virginia Heffernan, the American who in July told an Ontario government funding agency’s audience “Maybe E-readers work better than books… Text works so beautifully in electronic form,” tried out the Vanity Far iPad app with what turned out to be naïve optimism.

I love the idea of Vanity Fair, and God knows I love an iPad app, but I’m tired of shelling out to feel poor, dumb, drunk, craven and wrong….

I asked Vanity Fair what was up with the buggy app…. A spokeswoman for the magazine assured me that Condé Nast, which publishes Vanity Fair, plans to introduce “digital replica editions” of its magazines using Adobe software, and this will improve the reading experience….

I put a version of this question to Graydon Carter – actually I just asked about the app glitches through a spokeswoman – and Carter himself set me straight by E-mail: “The actual reading experience is superb on our app, which is what matters to us most.”

[…] You think the Vanity Fair app is buggy? Well, Vanity Fair is superb.

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