Scott Schuman writes the Sartorialist blog, which I gather some people find interesting. Schuman rather lost me when he described two Muslims in hijab as “typical teens, Stockholm.” Sure – 20 years from now when they take over Sweden.

Now we have a rigourless, overlong posting from Imran Ahmed, editor of the soi-disant Business of Fashion Weblog. If you were expecting “the business of blogging” at the Sartorialist to be explained, prepare for disappointment.

  • “What I don’t like is advertorial posts that are under the table,” Schuman claims, then later admits he essentially ran under-the-table advertorials for Kiehl’s.

  • Schuman wouldn’t state his advertising book rate. (There may not be one.)

  • Schuman pulled in over a hundred grand in advance and royalties from his first book, and no less than $65,000 from a gallery show. Beyond that, Ahmed gives no dollar figures whatsoever, let alone any numbers that might justify the claim that Schuman “could theoretically [become] fashion’s first million-dollar-a-year blogger.”

In fact, based on the wording of the post, Ahmed didn’t ask nice, simple questions about dollars and cents, such as “What was your gross income last year?” or “How much money did you take in just from your blog last year?” When I asked Ahmed why he didn’t bother committing actual journalism, he refused to respond.

Fashion does not actually want to be taken seriously.

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