The producers of Don’t Quit Your Gay Job (q.v.) are trolling for spec work. OutTV’s Blue Satittammanoon wrote on the Facebook:

OutTV is looking for job ideas for the new season of our hit series Don’t Quit Your Gay Job. If you have a job you want Rob and Sean to do, leave your ideas in the comment box below. […]

Disclaimer: By submitting your suggestion(s) to Convergent Productions Ltd. and/or OutTV Network Inc. (collectively, “Producer”) for new episodes of Don’t Quit Your Gay Job, you hereby acknowledge and agree that:

  1. you understand that Producer may receive many suggestions for the same or similar types of episodes;

  2. Producer shall have no obligation to produce an episode based on your suggestion(s); and

  3. you shall have no right to compensation or acknowledgement of any kind if Producer, in its sole discretion, does produce an episode based on your suggestion(s) or similar suggestions from other people.

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None. I quit.

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