What happened to graceless homosexualist director Andrew Haigh’s Weekend?

  • It was released on DVD in the U.K., presumably without captioning.

  • Dating rather outside its league, Weekend will come out here on Criterion. (First-run films on Criterion are rare – the only recent case I can think of is that of Tiny Furniture.) This disc will surely include near-useless all-bottom-centred “captioning” by the dried husk of Captions, Inc.

    Of course I’ll buy a copy. Equally obviously, Criterion would never contemplate issuing a review copy to one of the film’s two known detractors.

Avowed fan of Chris New

Ad: ‘I Can Act But I Won’t Pretend In the interim, I have come to appreciate Mr. CHRIS NEW. “A lot of people now see me as an aggressive homosexual after seeing Weekend, which I’m not,” he said. But he is a legitimately out legitimate actor – so far out he is part of the U.K. Equity ad campaign that fruitlessly urges all the other gay actors to come out. (New’s Equity listing.) I respect that sort of thing. But if Russell Tovey (q.v.) can appear in Sherlock, why can’t Chris New?

There is, however, an issue.

I now openly accept that Mr. NEW’s costar, Tom Cullen, is heterosexualist. But he’s the one being groomed for stardom. He’s the one doing fashion shoots and enduring nosebleeds while shooting some kind of science-fiction movie in Jordan.

Of course Cullen is lissome and classically handsome. Is that the real reason why Chris New is stuck doing itinerant plays while Tom Cullen is slowly being assimilated by Hollywood?

Everything I’ve read tells me Mr. NEW’s home is in the theatre. But, given the rare choice between a heterosexualist and a homosexualist male making an equal splash in the same movie, Hollywood picked the straight one.

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