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Andrew Haigh’s 2011 film


Weekend, yes, but guess what else?


I was wrong about Weekend; everybody else is wrong about Keep the Lights On


Update on Messrs. CULLEN and NEW of Weekend


Weekend is coming out on Criterion DVD. Very nice. But tell me something: Given the rare choice between a heterosexualist and a homosexualist male making an equal splash in the same movie, why did Hollywood pick the straight one?


Let’s catch up with the most acclaimed homosexualist film since Parting Glances, Weekend, written and directed by the graceless Andrew Haigh


Andrew Haigh continues to insist Weekend is some kind of “universal” movie. It isn’t. And no amount of mythmaking is gonna make straight guys watch this thing


The horrific dystopian apartment towers in Weekend are sites of quiet beauty, Andrew Haigh says – curiously enough, after I said the opposite


I would have run Tony Scott’s quote in the Weekend trailer, too. Andrew Haigh and I aren’t stupid


“I’ve played very masculine high-status guys,” claims Tom Cullen of Weekend. Also: Sexuality doesn’t matter

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