Before they shut it down in a fit of pique, the Mormons who ran Typophile banned me from the place, accusing me of having made no contribution to typography. I started out in typography as a preteen and I can prove it.

Piles of printed matter in front of LP-record shelves

Splorp in Calgary is now in possession of my lifetime’s memorabilia and ephemera in typography, ranging from Monotype hot-metal-typesetting brochures to a HEL·Fucking·VETICA lapel pin. (I no longer have my nearly full run of U&lc, but I’m not sure that’s rare or even of interest.)

Typophile’s de facto replacement, TypeDrawers, is kind of surviving and its sextet of “moderators” is always one vote away from banning me there, too, despite This Week in Type.

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None. I quit.

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