Denise Balkissoon is a local vizmin girl hack who has made a pretty solid career out of all of those things. She’s a diversity hire at the Globe and Mail, where she solicited “sex and relationship pitches for Globe Life.”

First, doesn’t Balkissoon realize she’s been ghettoized to the wymmynz pages?

Second, will she ever live the following down?

I unfortunately read something written by Jordan Peterson. It was astonishingly entitled. Trans/genderqueer people, you have my support.

So I ginned up a few “pitches” that would suit Denise Balkissoon’s politics. (Links added.)

  1. Help! My girlfriend has a penis!

  2. As an older gay man, all my boyfriends were younger Oriental boys. Don’t you dare call me a rice queen

  3. When I got my boyfriend pregnant: One transcouple’s story

  4. I asked a woman of colour to help detoxify my masculinity. Here’s what she learned

  5. I’m a new dad suffering from postpartum depression after my C‑section. My friends don’t understand

  6. My wife has a master’s in sociology. She thinks vaccines cause autism. She also thinks our son is a girl

  7. My wife and I have three blonde children. How did we get so racist?

  8. My gay friends got kicked out of their homes, were abused in Catholic schools, and died of AIDS. A brave transwoman of colour showed me how I’m an oppressor

  9. Chestfeeding in public isn’t a crime

  10. My lesbian softball team now has a 6′5″ shortstop with a beard. What I learned in the locker room rocked my world

  11. Men get periods too: When the personal becomes political – and bloody

  12. How Grindr changed my life: One transman’s story

  13. “No, where are you really from?” One Swedish Muslima’s story

  14. Some Indigenous men have blue eyes. Get over it!

  15. My hijab means I can’t hold your hand in public. Now I know how gay men felt before Stonewall

  16. Yes, I’m an “angry black girl” – and my people threw the first brick at Stonewall

  17. Front holes and backhoes: Coming out as trans* at the construction site

  18. “ ‘Do-me’ feminism”: How gender pronouns got me hauled before a judge

When asked to comment for attribution, Balkissoon didn’t.


(2020.06.20) Balkissoon whines in the online pages of her new progressive employer, Chatelaine, about how racist the Globe and Mail was.

Denise Balkissoon was only ever and can only ever be a diversity hire, and will attract nothing but conflict to any newsroom. Furthermore, she’s Indic, and is not “Black” or “Indigenous,” neither of which racial designations gets a capital if White does not. At any rate, Denise here has a bright future ahead of her!

But, as with blue-haired Trigglypuffs, do not lick this toad.

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