I was ahead of the curve on two right-wing-asshole issues I’ve covered recently. I shouldn’t have been surprised, and neither should you be.

ARC shitcans self

The broadly impotent Anti-Racist Collective, which never in fact committed to action, is halfway to closing up shop. (And how would anyone notice?)

  • I’d previously asked these kids what exactly they were trying to accomplish:

    Yes, it’s all very nice when the lamestream media starts talking about the same issues you and yours hold dear, but is that a goal of Anti-Racist Canada? If so, why?

    Because provincial legislatures or Parliament might actually notice an issue if CBC suddenly decides to cover it? If that’s what you’re hoping for, you should just register as lobbyists and start lobbying, or write hardcopy letters to your elected officials….

    Because higher-profile articles will finally persuade CSIS or the RCMP or even local cops to pay attention to these allegedly racist groups? You know perfectly well they are being monitored already. You also know your blog is being monitored, as is everyone remotely affiliated with your group. Even local cops, if and when they take time out of their days filled with shooting black guys in the back, know about suspected domestic-terrorist organizations.

    I see now that the Collective’s true aim was to get the lamestream media (“msm” [sic]) to notice right-wing assholes in Canada. And then what? Actually do something, unlike ARC?

  • There’s also the sad reality that the “collective” part of the ARC Collective [tautology] isn’t quite as collective as it once was, leaving more work for the very few who remain.

    This means one person.

    Finally, 2016 has been an especially difficult year for this writer on a personal level. It was time to consider our options.

    That writer means consider her options.

    Those of us who remained had decided that, come November 30, we were going to post one final article announcing Anti-Racist Canada members were ending our work after nearly a decade of activism…. [W]hile some of the remaining ARC members has still decided they needed to step away, a few have decided to stick around for a while longer. How much longer we don’t know.

    All ARC has done is run a blog. ARC has not interdicted “racist” groups one iota, a fact that will not change if postings become “more sporadic” than the nine a month at which its blog maxed out in 2016.

  • And, no, I still don’t think there are organized hate “groups” at work in Canada. ARC:

    Among the purposes of this blog is the effort to highlight a movement that much of the msm [sic] and Canadian public have often ignored or minimized. We’ve always said that the movement was much larger and more dangerous than was widely accepted. We’ve sometimes been accused of sensationalizing “isolated events” in an effort to make the racist movement in Canada appear to be less fringe than it actually was.

    If there is a bright spot in the November 8 election, it’s that no one is complacent at the moment. The media is publicizing the significant uptick in racially motivated attacks and vandalism that have occurred since the election

    even if they’re fake and even though every single one of them occurred in isolation, as they invariably do.

    So-called hate groups that do nothing but write shit online are not different in kind from Anti-Racist Canada, which wrote shit online.

Evalion is Veronica Bouchard

Canada’s littlest Nazi got her cover blown by Global News. (Not by me and certainly not by ARC.) Evalion is actually Veronica Bouchard, who isn’t quite the clever miss she thinks she is.

Two hate-crime complaints were allegedly filed (Global coverage; CIJA). I’ve already offered the documentation I have to the Toronto cops. (The documentation is publicly available, but I doubt they have it.)

From a somewhat informed civilian perspective, Bouchard presents a marginal case for prosecution. And even laying a charge has to be approved by the attorney general. But I am also right about one other thing: “Such a case warrants the exact opposite of the principles underpinning young-offender provisions or aboriginal healing circles. Evalion is the kind of Nazi one makes an example of.”

The best part? Bouchard whined on Twitter that news crews showed up at her house. I was ahead of the curve on that option, too.

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