I don’t even like leather, and own barely anything made of it. I proffer my two pair of vegan Docs the way a Vermont private school seats its lone black student at the front of the class during state inspections.

Nonetheless, Skye Joseph Bartlett (no relation), who, self-evidently, hails from Adelaide, gives us the fetish photographs of the year.

One photo: Man in full leather jacket and chaps (with blue codpiece and tie), with pup hood

(There are two others in that series you could check for.)


Neil Z. Page, whose name I can only ever hear as “Neilzee Page.”

Man with full-sleeve right-arm tattoo holds near-fetal position against metallized “2018” backdrop

To his credit, Page produced a few versions of this fantastical photo-illustration. Its classic pose, continuously re-attempted since “Power House Mechanic,” is barely possible to get right.

There was a time I was so well versed in the history of photography I could have taught a course.

(2013 nominee.)

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