– Mark E. Smith

That lo·o·ovable! scamp Karl Groves writes another screed, one-fifth the vitriol of which would do well more than get me permanently ostracized from one of the many fields or domains I co-founded. Of course, that’s already happened – in all of them, everywhere, and on purpose.

Karl continues to get away with murder. At some point, I have to conclude all of this boils down to personal acceptability (now indistinguishable from “intersectionality”). Strapping Karl Groves, with his nice non-White girlfriend, happily fits through the Overton window of acceptability among “accessibilitistas” who shout loudest about inclusion, sometimes with the aid of a sign-language interpreter.

Why, just in the last year I had to threaten a pipsqueak and his new employer with a defamation suit after he and his little friends essentially accused me of an intent to post a dick pic on a conference projector or call somebody a nigger at that same conference. That pipsqueak – not just a figurative term – is Oskar Westin, late of the TTC and now with Telus. He’ll have a long and distinguished career working among seasoned industry professionals who all agree that everything I’ve been subjected to is the least I deserve and barely the beginning of what they’ve all got in store for me.

Ostracism is indistinguishable from an actual knife in the back. Cretins like those I tackle here can’t even man up and talk to me face-to-face.

I would remind fairer-minded readers that ostracism tends to lead to suicide, as in the case of Textism, whose legacy shall not go unavenged; indeed, there will soon be an announcement.

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