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My new project, Podcasting Had a Good run, aims to explain how podcasting is thriving and dying, or expanding and collapsing, all at once. And you can indeed pay to hate-read


The ultimate case of an unseen companion whispering in one’s ears, as if from a Victorian novel but comfortably happening to us right now, the podcast you listen to with nobody noticing is the Walkman melting into your own humours


Imagine spending your precious days on God’s green earth chasing podcasting news. You have just become Nick Quah or James Cridland


That’s why the lamestream media now needs to destroy them


So quit being dumb enough to let it happen to you


Esteemed colleague Marc Weisblott is a living test case for podcast players, and is a capital fellow overall


Vizmin and/or transgender malcontents paying good money to learn how to rat out their bosses, i.e., RyeHigh journalism students, have published an 8,100-word manifesto denouncing their own faculty. Since they signed their names, the manifesto provides a convenient career-long blacklist. Do not hire these persons


David Shields has a more galactic-sized talent even than I had apprehended if he can produce Reality Hunger and a dozen other books from a trash heap like this


Fran Lebowitz: Some people aren’t better than others. Wrong

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