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Last year, Republic of Doyle was atrocious. And now it’s been renewed for some reason


Listen to this sample from Iron Man 2 and tell me you could put up with this bullshit for two straight hours


Russell Smith’s retinal detachment led him to complain that possible tasks are impossible. Let’s help him out!


We went to see Scott Pilgrim with MoPix. Only one of us liked it!


The Trailer Park Boys did their own captioning. Now they work for Republic of Doyle. And then there’s the description track


I saw Brüno with audio description and you didn’t


I wrote the audio-description script for Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story. And here it is!


A bit more error correction for Textfiles


A fair bit of swearing in the audio description of Wanted. Listen for yourself!

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None. I quit.

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