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Errors and omissions in CBC captioning


‘Analyse’! ‘Metre’!


Why does the CBC use British English to write its captioning?


What is with CBC captioners’ fondness for ‘single quotes’?


CBC wouldn’t write a blogging policy, so its bloggers had to do it themselves


In which we explore the writings of the (formerly mysterious) heterosexualist CBC captioner–blogger, “Nugget” (sic)


Two-hour, third-rate, 30-year-old dubbed monster movies that are broadcast when people with real lives are out having a good time: Pop-on captioning. Current, high-profile, prime-time half-hour dramas with a rabidly loyal viewership: Scrollup captioning


If CBC doesn’t blog about captioning, then I will. And that means I set the agenda


Why, exactly, I give a shit about CBC captioning (something given a more colourful name by the Tea Makers)

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First of all, as of March 2019 this personal Weblog is on hiatus for some months.

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