Another in a series of postings on CBC captioning (also see the separate page on the topic)

Keen readers will of course recall my three years of notetaking in fact-checking CBC’s arse when it comes to their requirement of 100% captioning. (My, weren’t people nasty in response? It’s as though they had no Web-standards club to attend anymore. And did you know I still want to do a reshoot of that photo?)

Anyway, CBC eventually got its act together and sent two letters in response, which the Canadian Human Rights Commission (again eventually) deigned to pass along – in cockeyed fax-o-grams. Then the Commission spent several weeks trying to derail the entire proceeding, something they are still trying to do. Defenders of minority rights and all that.

Veteran CBC-watchers will recognize the Corpse’s trademark feudalism and pique, what with using terms like disagree strenuously and dispute… vehemently. Vehemence is a personality flaw, not a negotiating position.

I have, nonetheless, posted a response to CBC’s letters, at a mere 12,900 words and will full references from the scientific and academic literature.

Still think there’s nothing substantive to what I’m talking about here?

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