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How many hot-hot-hot! new iOS apps have impressed legions of fans while demonstrating their developers are too irresponsible or incompetent to make them accessible under VoiceOver? Shall we start a list? [Updated twice]


Jesse Thorn has quite enough money to caption his video podcast and DVD


The atrocious signage at my Service Ontario location is one thing. The fact that it is functionally impossible to get there if you’re blind is another – and it is one of only two locations in Toronto where blind people can apply for the only ID card they can use


Listen to this sample from Iron Man 2 and tell me you could put up with this bullshit for two straight hours


Some kind of app named GetGlue is so inaccessible two blind people had to record a 45-minute podcast teaching you how to overcome the problem. And now GetGlue is hiring!


Mild rebukes of John Gruber about pictures of text and system fonts that may or may not be “clones”


Tabatha Southey has a learning disability, but claimed the Mac allowed her to write. Now: How, exactly?


Braille displays work instantly on Macs and iPads


Russell Smith’s retinal detachment led him to complain that possible tasks are impossible. Let’s help him out!

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