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Natasha Vargas-Cooper’s Mad Men Unbuttoned worked better as postings on the Awl


Is David Rakoff’s Half Empty an attempt at autobiography? Then why is it a failed attempt?


100 Years of Menswear by Cally Blackman tells a gripping tale largely through pictures


Not only is Graphic Design, Referenced disorganized, it’s barely written in English sometimes. (But love the hand-sketched illos)


When you name your book Graphic Design Theory: Readings from the Field, isn’t that conceding defeat right there? (Is “the field” really where you’re gonna find “theory”?)


Finally. Since the rest of them pretty much do. But The Wayfinding Handbook by Gibson does not


The Language of Things by Deyan Sudjic is all about flow. This is not a criticism


Quotes from Sex and Typography by Emily King


Do Good Design by David Berman lays on the ethics a bit thick, I think

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