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Script faces in situ


Or Română. Three-dimensional Helvetica and an actual comma for a cedilla.

Letters on concrete wall above Venetian-blind-covered windows read COLLÈGE FRANÇAIS

The grave accent is just a straight line, too.

Metal cursive letters on stone entranceway read Mel-Court
Script type on window before glowing pink display case reads My
Vitrine has Fresh DONUTS & SANDWICHES and other hand-lettering, with three LEASE signs tacked up behind the glass

Well, it’s either this or hairless quarter-Burmese engineer go-go boys across the street.

Sign over two car bays reads Queen’s Coin Car Wash, with Queen’s in cursive

“Queen’s”? Don’t be so obvious.


From the arse end of the most enduring automotive silhouette.

Script badge centred on yellow car below red taillight reads targa
Glowing orange sign behind metal bars reads OPEN in Brush Script capitals

From an era in which landau roofs and opera lamps meant a car was klassy.

Script nameplate on white car reads FifthAvenue

And should insecurities remain nonetheless, we topped things off with gold lamé script.

Handlettered chalkboard sign reads Fresh Cakes and Apple Strudel in upright and cursive

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