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From an era in which landau roofs and opera lamps meant a car was klassy.

Script nameplate on white car reads FifthAvenue

And should insecurities remain nonetheless, we topped things off with gold lamé script.

Handlettered chalkboard sign reads Fresh Cakes and Apple Strudel in upright and cursive
Sign over awning reads Cirone’s (in cursive italic) Fine Foods (in script)
Metal script letters on a brick wall read Butler’s
White sign projecting from building reads Butler’s in script and REPAIR SERVICE Parts Radio/TV Appliances ALL MAKES in Helvetica
Sign over café is written in yellow type on a blue background, with a line of Amharic and a line of script capitals reading RENDEZ-VOUS BAR & CAFE

Does anyone remember Epson dot-matrix printers and the cursive typefaces they could hack together? Is it even possible to make a printout of such a thing anymore?

Sign on brick building reads LUCKY DRIVING SCHOOL in script typeface with mismatched stroke thicknesses and angles
Four Hershey Dessert Fondue/Fondue pour Dessert packages use lavish script type and show phtoos of fruits dipped in chocolate

(Can you spot the error in the French?)


As go venti lattes, so goes fromage. Michael Simpson’s business plan for the Leslieville Cheese Market (see its early, terrible site) was unaccountably published in the Globe and states:

This neighborhood is exploding…. Cheese-loving customers are moving to the neighborhood.

In other words, none of the poor people who were already here love cheese.

The local socio-demographic [sic] is evolving. What used to be a primarily white and extremely-low-SES population is shifting to families who can afford to buy a house and renovate. In order to do this, they need to have confidence in their surroundings. At some point in the last few years, critical mass has been attained: Quality middle-class people with comfortable finances have arrived and settled [emphasis added].

As opposed to those of us who were already here. I’ve never had my quality called into dispute before. Have you? (Honest to God, the first thing that came to mind was “Treblinka.” Am I going to be frogmarched out of the neighbourhood because my quality isn’t up to snuff?) (more…)

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