Starting with his mother’s charm bracelet


Peter Saville: So-called collaborative projects are “often menacingly unfounded partnerships between somebody who has some kind of credibility somewhere and the large companies who need that to keep enhancing their position”


“At Factory, I had a freedom that was unprecedented in communications design. We lived out an ideal, without business calling the shots. It was a phenomenon”


Peter Saville: “I saw the Roxy covers as an exercise in communication through styling”


Were you delusional for thinking that graphic design is a forum for personal expression or not?


I prefer the fictitious Peter Saville to the real one we’re stuck with now


‘I find it quite worrying meeting people in their mid-life who are still fascinated by, you know, typefaces and layout’


The graphic-design band is, to coin a phrase, an ideal for living

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None. I quit.

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