– Mark E. Smith

Dick Wolf, shurely?! No, Hawk Kinkaid, alias Hawk Luitjens, alias Shane Luitjens.

A redhead, now apparently retired from the Business, who writes, shoots, and designs. What’s not to like? (Well, he could learn to design with Web standards.) Certainly beats the shit out of Harmless Devon, who really needs to eat a bit more.


(2005.03.05)  I tried to line up a meeting with young Shane Luitjens when I was in Boston. He was legitimately busy trying to line up his own meetings in another city, but apart from that, his tone in instant messaging was consistently withering and blithe. Every third line aimed for something Wildean, but ended up being simply glib, a put-down.

Apparently, when one is red-haired and talented, one need not meet new friends, particularly fellow writers who know all the standards-compliant Web developers in various cities. Then again, standards compliance – a sure way to make more money as a Web designer – was one of the topics on which he was withering and blithe.

Nobody cares that you were a whore. What we care about is that you’re a snob and a jerk.

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