In Boston en route back from Iceland, I had the superspecial pleasure of a quick luncheon with some of the fired captioners of WGBH.

I tendered the proviso that nothing we said would be published, but I would be taking pictures. I will mention something I was told beforehand: One of the captioneers remembered my many letters to the Caption Center over the years (over a period of at least 20 years, in fact) and was impressed by their professionalism and accuracy.

Smiling middle-aged woman with brown hair, brown sweater, cream scarf
Smiling early-40s woman with dark black hair and striped shirt with glasses looped behind the top button
Two people in profile: Black-haired woman with yellow earrings and red shirt and bracelet facing right, balding brown-haired man with goatee and blue striped shirt facing left

I will also mention what I’ve mentioned before, hence it isn’t a secret: My neighbourhood is the DeGrassi neighbourhood and my Shoppers Drug Mart is the Shoppers Drug Mart where Joey bought his condoms. They squealed with glee at this news! (WGBH, you see, captioned DeGrassi High and Junior High. So did the Canadians – appallingly so, making for an interesting comparison project.)

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