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BookCamp Toronto 2011 was a liberal-feminist-consensus clusterfuck of mediocrity. But I’m calling their bluff and offering free training


Tighty Whitey Car Wash 2011


The only drag/vogue house in Canada gave us a performance after an outdoor viewing of Paris Is Burning


I believe the claimed spiritual kinship with Mr. JOSH LEVY is real


Russell Smith spoke to magazine editors about usage. They ought to be careful following his advice


I had an idea for a gay technology conference. Then I realized it would have to happen anywhere but here


The Ryerson Review of Journalism release party is just the peevish and niggardly kind of venue at which Toronto excels. Also: Levi Nicholson’s temper


Come out to my Ignite Toronto presentation, 2011.02.10 at the Drake. (Keyword: Mongolian cheesemonger). (Updated)


At the Olympic and Paralympic presser for London 2012, I was the only writer interested in the Paralympics. Spoiler alert: Brian and Robin McKeever are their secret weapon

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This personal Weblog is unlikely to be updated again until my next book comes out. (See Best postings)

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