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Taking ‘Eye’ magazine to task, one issue at a time, since nobody else is


Rick Poynor: Locations in Super-Cannes


No review of the “Food Special Issue.” Eye is a fraud. (Project concluded as of 2014.11.03)


Issue 86 of Eye: Letraset as historical artifact no more important than Polish protest posters, and get that fucking hair out of your eyelash, Alice Rawsthorn


In issue 85 of Eye, the biggest charlatans of the year: Lust (sic)


Eye’s Monotype special, in which Ultrasparky has never seemed more Ultrastilted


Eye 83, filled to the brim with features on designers you’ve read about for decades and other designers so successful they don’t need clients anymore


Reading this issue of Eye, I conclude that Christian Schwartz could really use a fun night out at the Steamworks


Rick Poynor disingenuously states that graphic-design history picks winners and losers. He’s one of the pickers


Issue 80 of Eye is riven with structural defects and contradictions

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