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Novelist/columnist/journalist/bon vivant Russell Smith needs to quit dramatically bemoaning that his literary career is over the next time he suffers a retinal detachment. Instead, he needs an iPad


The Readability app supposedly makes Web pages easier to read. What does it do to pages that are already easy to read?


How many hot-hot-hot! new iOS apps have impressed legions of fans while demonstrating their developers are too irresponsible or incompetent to make them accessible under VoiceOver? Shall we start a list? [Updated twice]


iA Writer for iPad keeps your documents under lock and key. But we are endlessly reminded how much work went into making this text editor “simple”


Some kind of app named GetGlue is so inaccessible two blind people had to record a 45-minute podcast teaching you how to overcome the problem. And now GetGlue is hiring!


Yes, the iPhone 4S works in Whitehorse, Yellowknife, and Fort Nelson – but you’d never know it from the lack of publicity


Why struggle to find the Home button on a black iPad when you can just use AssistiveTouch?


Of course Siri will work in Canada. Spoken Canadian English is American English. Now, French becomes another issue

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