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In Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, this is what David Sedaris talks about because this is how rich he is


What is “the Coach House way of doing things”? (I expect artisanal publishing to produce beautiful objects you will love to read)


My year in reading, 2012


When not inveighing against racist, elite white gay men, Sarah Schulman provides novel and useful analysis of “gentrification,” literature, gay men, AIDS, and more in The Gentrification of the Mind


Nobody told me that the now-notorious Sheila Heti review in the New Yorker included a stunning photograph of the authoress


A designer tells a client why his designs say what the client means. Young designers need Monteiro’s Design Is a Job to learn how to do that. Design Is a Job needed an editor


Edwin Land of Polaroid did almost everything Steve Jobs did – invented new technologies, built factories to manufacture them, imposed absolute secrecy, stirred audiences with spectacle, trained customers to want the next step in the evolution of technology – but did it 30 years earlier


Fred Smeijers’s Counterpunch is coming out in a new edition. It’s tough and it’s demanding, but also enjoyable and understandable

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