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Since Pride Toronto is too computer-illiterate to present an alphabetized list in HTML I did it for them: Alphabetical list of organizations intending to participate in the 2012 Toronto Pride parade


The Readability app supposedly makes Web pages easier to read. What does it do to pages that are already easy to read?


It’s no contest: Tumblr’s


BookCamp Toronto 2011 was a liberal-feminist-consensus clusterfuck of mediocrity. But I’m calling their bluff and offering free training


The higher the standing of the elite Web commentator, the more likely he is to avoid, misuse, or distrust the fundamental feature of the Web, the hyperlink


Fix your TITLE, please, Mike


Editing Benoît Denizet-Lewis’s list of the best gay books of all time (allegedly) so you can actually read it


Markdown is the a joke comedy nerds insist meets a legal definition of “funny” that nobody in the audience laughs at

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First of all, as of March 2019 this personal Weblog is on hiatus for some months.

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