I just finish reviewing two issues of Eye and its lead writer, Steven Heller, “interviews” the magazine’s editor, John L. Walters, for the blog of a rival publication. Isn’t that bad enough? Well, it gets worse.

I have written for Eye since Number 1 and continue to admire the magazine’s ability to adjust to the new definitions of graphic design with smart and alluring journalism and commentary…. I am using the occasion of this auspicious Number 80 to reflect on the past and present with a few questions aimed at the esteemed editor.

Add in umpteen copy errors in this E-mail interview and what you end up with is the worst kind of logrolling in an already-debased demimonde of design “criticism.”

Coming up for issue 100

At the retirement party for an aged employee who doesn’t want to go, Wayland Heller puts on a floor show for John L. Burns.

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