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According to lore, Stevie Nicks showed up to a Night of a Thousand Stevies, entered the contest, then lost.

Apparently not


“Inspired by the poster who suggested calling margaritas ‘Margaritx’ ”


W. Whitman (“a baffled animal”) “never married his unlettered boy, but he accepted virtue from an even more unlettered nature and gave it speech”


A “meme” weaponizes queer/LGBT+ failure against success


Kinsey’s scale ran from 0 to 6. I’m a 7


In the Life appears to be available in full on the YouTubes


Two photographs


In the Times last June


500 years from now, the Chinese will be able to say with a straight face that Djibouti was always Chinese. Four centuries before that, queer and trans* will have entirely rewritten (this means lied about) gay and lesbian history

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