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The West Queen West Queen West “Leslieville” Cheese Shop self-shitcans


The kind of coffeeshop that serves pour-over coffee is – wait for it – the kind that refuses to stock white sugar

Varnished wooden stairs inside solid, curved, bright-blue walls

TTC is holding a “competition” to landscape the surrounds of the giant new streetcar house on the fringes of Leslieville. And here’s my submission. (Spoiler: There’s only one winner and the panel has to have the guts to say so)


Why were the cops following me to my photo shoot? (Were they?)


Concrete Toronto.

Brutalist concrete structure with red accents is labelled Greenwood School in (also red) Helvetica

Beautiful, isn’t it?


Actually just the replacement McDonald’s at the Gerrard Scare.

Building under construction shrouded in billowy white panels

Notes from presentation on South of Eastern economic study, 2008.01.10

Brightly-coloured shop vitrine, seen from behind, has orange women’s suit, garlands, hanging ornaments, and Damzel’s written on the glass

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