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Notes and commentary on the proposed Foundry District development along Eastern Ave. in South Riverdale


Notes from presentation on South of Eastern economic study, 2008.01.10


Latest meeting on rezoning of the 19-acre lands at 629 Eastern Ave., Leslieville


Notes from a public meeting on the Foundy District redevelopment (now all big-box all the time), 2007.05.17


Another Foundry District posting


Here’s what I’ve done in 3½ months as attestations of my interest in the city and neighbourhood I live in


On 2006.02.07, the Toronto & East York Community Council meeting discussed the staff report that recommended that the application for rezoning of what would become the Foundry District be refused and that the applicant be opposed at the OMB


The Foundry District: Links and references by Joe Clark


Foundry District: Resolution passed by Toronto and East York Community Council 2005.05.07 concerning ‘status report’


Notes from 2005.07.05 meeting of the Toronto and East York Community Council concerning ‘status report’ of Foundry District rezoning application

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