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The social-justice warrior’s cries of sexism do not justify worsening actual health or threatening human life


Mr. PIETSCH let me down


Jason McBride does not quite recapitulate an old Spy article for Toronto Life


The atrociously edited and sequenced book The AIDS Generation by Halkitis has a tiny saving grace in direct testimony from eldergays about their estrangement from gay culture


Fabrice Neaud: I gave up on him, but part of his œuvre is still an evocative and meaningful art project


Natalie Horbechevsky and Brooke Carey. They’re the editrixen listed in the acknowledgements to Leander Kahney’s Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products, a treasure trove of repetitiveness and warmed-over quotes


“[A]bout a month after Tiffany’s suicide, David was asked, ‘What if you could ask her one question?’ He replied, ‘Can I have the money back that I loaned you?’ He laughed…. ‘She said, “I will pay you back in my lifetime.” I can’t believe I fell for that’ ”


In Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, this is what David Sedaris talks about because this is how rich he is

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