1. Extract from the five-hour-long Red Ice Radio ten-year-anniversary livestream (“If you don’t subscribe to this whites-first YouTube channel, we’ll kill this dog”):

    Red Ice screenshot showing a cake decorated with “Red Ice Radio 10 years Faggots”
  2. Matthew Forney, speaking at Red Ice’s Identitarian Ideax IX conference (“Rising from the Ruins” [Kickstarter]):

    Bald man with wireless microphone (with Chyrons)

    that we were destined to fail, that the future of our civilization was rainbows, unicorns, and chocolate-chip cookies – fruits Frenching their boyfriends in front of empty churches; neon-lit mosques eclipsing the cities our forefathers laboured to build; and finally, being finessed out of our neighbourhoods by swarthy foreigners who stare at our sisters, wives, and girlfriends the way lions stare at gazelles.

  3. Lauren Southern: “You’re all still fags.”

I’d still prefer to be stabbed in the front.

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