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Iceweb 2006, Reykjavík, 2006.04.27–28


In which I arrive at Keflavik Airport for Iceweb 2006


Now, finally, 3½ months later, you can listen to me speaking Icelandic!


Speaking notes and usability-test results available from Iceweb 2006. Topic: Ajax accessibility


Icelandic benediction delivered before my session at IceWeb 2006


Iceweb 2006: ‘Responsible Asynchronous Scripting’ presentation by Shaun Inman


IceWeb 2006: Andy Clarke: ‘Feeding Your Creativity Without Compromising User Needs’


IceWeb 2006: Dave Shea: ‘CSS Project Management’


IceWeb: Eric Meyer: ‘The One True Layout’


IceWeb 2006: Molly Holzschlag: ‘Internationalization: Waking the sleeping giant’

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