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Peter Saville: So-called collaborative projects are “often menacingly unfounded partnerships between somebody who has some kind of credibility somewhere and the large companies who need that to keep enhancing their position”


Alan Zweig: “I have tried to no longer define myself this way, but most of my life I defined myself by my failure at filmmaking”


Omar Khadr’s lawyer: “I think all males are immature”


“Hi, I’m Diana Christensen, a racist lackey of the imperialist ruling circles”


“The guy on keyboards who doesn’t smile and the singer who looks a bit uncomfortable…. That’s the act”


Jude Law, Breaking and Entering: “It starts with an argument with society’s phony love affair with nature. We are against the mistaking of grass for nature, of green for nature”


You have never been more conscious of your offline life in your entire offline life


David Carr: “Don’t be super-friendly on the telephone then hang up and just nuke somebody”

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