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Cooper Black in situ

Gas station, in deep shadow, has sign reading NATIONAL GAS AND VARIETY in Cooper Black fake small caps
Orange Cooper Black fridge-magnet H on green plastic object embossed with pictographs
Green fertilizer bags show red flowers and have screaming red type in Cooper Black

Oversharpening the photo gives the illusion that the ill-cut Cooper Black is raised out of the sign bed more than it is.

Sign over Men’s HAIRSTYLING place reads DANNY’s Barber Shop, mostly in ill-rendered Cooper Black

While this visual effect falsifies reality, I prefer it nonetheless.


The line between the right and wrong kinds of tacky is too easily crossed with everyone’s favourite novelty font, Cooper Black.

Illuminated sign with raised wooden sign reads N&S QUICK-STOP WEST INDIAN BAR & TAKE OUT in Cooper Black and Brush Script

But if it’s a “novelty” font, why does it continue to be used decades later, sometimes well? I actually like this sign.


Neuland means “African-American” according to popular usage. Apparently Cooper Black now means “rye bread.”

I suppose it beats blackletter. Possibly too many connotations there.

Woman walks past delivery truck labeled Dimpflmeier in blackletter type

The 2005 Matching Tartan and Paisley Award for typographic miscegenation goes to Europa Fine Pastries & Bakery for the unforeseeable achievement of uniting Cooper Black with a “klassy” script face.

Sign reads EUROPA in Cooper Black Italic and Fine Pastries & Bakery in Commercial Script

It took two shoots at two locations to come up with a photo that’s only this good. That is indeed a fontmodded Cooper Black that attracts your immediate attention.

I stand before a Virgin Mobile billboard of a wrestler snapping on his ear protectors, with the headline ‘I know a painful hold when I see one.’ Green paint obscures the model’s right eye

Somebody’s defaced it already. Here’s mud in your eye!

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