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“I make a good living,” John Gruber says. Yes – half a million a year, I estimate


Twitter isn’t journalism. Take heed, near-defamer Karen 8 K. Ho


Peter Staley backs the wrong horse in champagne socialist Urvashi Vaid


Windoids: Still unclear on the concepts of “sleep” and “shut down,” among many more


Bruce LaBruce: “The Morrissey autobiography is quickly, essentially, changing my life.” Tell that to the dead bunny LaBruce used in his terribly risqué gay zombie porn


“[A]bout a month after Tiffany’s suicide, David was asked, ‘What if you could ask her one question?’ He replied, ‘Can I have the money back that I loaned you?’ He laughed…. ‘She said, “I will pay you back in my lifetime.” I can’t believe I fell for that’ ”


I was wrong about Weekend; everybody else is wrong about Keep the Lights On


Dan Benjamin, too nice a guy by far, again proves he is not up to the task of interviewer

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