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Because emoji, like the Tamara Hope Palm Pre commercials, remind male nerds that the computer doesn’t know you’re a girl, or not one


Facebook et al. “have an interface that they have developed for U.S. intelligence to use.” Citation needed


Berg London is building a mystique with its “weeknotes” postings. It’s all about the studio


Mike Kelley: ‘I don’t think it has any meaning except in terms of power structures. I’ve always said that I prefer the terms “allowable” and “non-allowable” instead of “high” or “low” ’


Bullish, on-message technology podcasts that treat people like the latest gadget defeat the purpose of inviting peole onto the show in the first place. Tech podcasts are a mutual admiration society I consider harmful


Call-centre operators, according to Erik Granered


Will Ferguson: “Canadians are great at spoof; it’s what we specialize in, doing an affectionate, fake version of something familiar… There seemed to be confusion, among the reviewing class, who really should know better, a confusion between satire and spoof”


We, Like Sheep concisely describes the hipster. “They were dressed in traditional hipster garb as well. They didn’t look like non-heterosexuals. They had ironic but unflattering facial hair, disfiguring piercings, and loose jackets and pants. I think I saw corduroy”

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